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For Scientists and Engineers
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About SciEssence International
SciEssence International is a Private Holding Company in Scientific and Engineering fields.  We focus on cutting edge technology from IT to High Energy Physics, from 3D Printing to Renewable Energy.

SciEssence was the first Remote-First company with all knowledge workers working from home.   Why? Because we value creativity and productivity and both are maximized when people work from home offices.  We use technology to connect staff and are constantly updating our technology and Remote-First culture.

Our Companies
SciEssence owns and manages the following brands:
  • SciEssence, LLC
  • SciEssence R&D, Ltd
  • GigaCap
  • SciWind (formerly VacWind)
  • Sci3D
  • ToF(x)
  • GCPI
  • RST, LLC
  • Octopus
  • and our PEI brand, SciEssence Investments

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