• The SciEssence Model

    The SciEssence Model

    Globally Aware, Connected, Diverse, and Informed.

  • Distributed Business

    Distributed Business

    Efficient and Green.

  • Quality


    Quality does matter

Our Companies

SciEssence Intl. holds a collection of companies located around the globe, namely:

  • SciEssence LLC
  • SciEssence R&D Ltd
  • Adamah Investments
  • BabyDayta, LLC
  • Control Systems Science and Technology, Inc.
  • GCPI
  • GigaCap Ltd.
  • LabSite LLC
  • VacWind LLC

Our Vision

All SciEssence companies share one common vision: To bring Science to the best use for humanity and the planet. We therefore work hard to be a "Green" company, currently with net-Zero overall energy consumption, zero-VOC and low-waste consumption, and a true distributed-business model. Since 2003, we have been award winning for our efforts and achievements, all which providing cutting edge technologies for our many customers.

Our People Make Us Great

SciEssence people make us great. We know they are our most important asset and hence treat each other with respect. As a sign of that, our employees are paid on a Profit-Sharing centric VEP model so they know that they will always get their fair share of the effort they put in.

Scientific Method Drives Our Businesses

SciEssence Intl. companies work holistically, working with other businesses units to best learn from each other, explore new opportunities, and optimize product performance. From Life Sciences to Renewable Energy, we see the common science behind everything and work to use good science to better the planet.

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